Edward F. Steinfeld


Examples of recent work

Click on the links below to see some examples of writing projects for various clients. The links will pull up Acrobat PDF or PowerPoint PPT files. You will need the appropriate reader on your system to view these examples.

bulletHardware Datasheet (Industrial CPU board)
bulletSoftware Datasheet (HTTP server)
bulletBusiness Plan (TOC only)
bulletSoftware Article  (Web services)
bulletTraining Presentation (PPT) (Windows device drivers)
bulletWhite Paper (Home A/V standards)

Articles have been written by Ed Steinfeld and published in the following journals. Those underlined have links to articles (PDF). The article subject is in parentheses.
EE Times                                                             Medical Electronics Manufacturing (XML)
EDN China                                                          Circuit Cellar (XML)
Circuit Cellar OnLine                                       Real-Time Magazine (Belgium) (FAT32)
Dedicated Systems (Belgium)  (Security)   TechOnLine (APPLIANCEnet)
RTC                                                                       Control Engineering
EDN  (UPnP)                                                        EIC 2000 Proceedings
EDN Asia

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